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Why does Tesla need to replace the lithium phosphate battery

Why does Tesla need to replace the lithium phosphate battery?

For Tesla, replacing lithium phosphate batteries has the following intentions. First, the first aspect is to reduce costs. When the vehicle is in production, the cost of the battery remains high, accounting for about 50% of the cost of the vehicle. Subsidies and the like are on the decline. From the price advantage, the price of vehicles has less advantage than fuel vehicles. The cost of lithium phosphate batteries is much lower than that of ternary lithium batteries. For the production of vehicles, the use of lithium phosphate batteries can save the production cost of vehicles.

The second aspect is to improve the stability of the battery and increase the safety performance of the battery. For the lithium iron phosphate battery, the performance is more stable than the ternary lithium battery, and the advantages are more obvious than the ternary lithium battery. The self-ignition temperature of lithium batteries is 800°C, and that of ternary lithium batteries is 200°C. Obviously, it is difficult for vehicles equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries to spontaneously ignite. From this aspect, the safety performance of vehicles is greatly improved.

From the third aspect, switching to lithium phosphate batteries can also prepare for the production capacity of vehicles. In the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries, the internal motor materials are easier to produce than ternary lithium battery materials, and the current industry of lithium phosphate batteries The perfection of the chain, so there is no need to worry about the problem of production capacity. In general, the replacement of lithium phosphate batteries is mainly to reduce the cost of vehicles and improve the safety performance of vehicle batteries. In the fiercely competitive electric vehicle market, who can first reduce the cost of power batteries and meet people's demands for long cruising range, high safety and long life.


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