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Lithium battery /How to know the quality of lithium battery?

How to know the quality of lithium battery?

1. Check whether the outer packaging of the battery is consistent, and then feel the weight of the battery
Lithium battery packs with poor consistency will not have a protective board. According to the law of energy conservation, the storage capacity inside the lithium battery pack will actually become very low. If the electric energy cannot be fully released, nor can it absorb electric energy well and fully, the life of the battery will become short over time. You can feel the weight of the lithium battery after removing the outer packaging. If it feels thick, then this lithium battery is better;

2. Observe the appearance of the battery
Lithium batteries with a more refined appearance should be more refined in workmanship, but if you find any dissatisfaction with the appearance, you must give feedback in time;

3. Pinch the middle part of the battery
You can gently pinch the middle part of the lithium battery. If the hardness is moderate, it means that the quality of the lithium battery is also good;

4. Discharge test to see if it can meet the requirements

It can be tested continuously for about 10 minutes. If the two poles do not heat up, the quality is considered qualified; there are many ways to test lithium batteries. We can also use a multimeter to detect the internal resistance and maximum discharge current of lithium batteries, and then evaluate them according to the standards. . If there is obvious serious problem of heating during charging and discharging, the quality of the battery is not good. Generally speaking, the power lithium battery pack should be able to meet the safety regulations of 3C charging and 30C discharging.
Generally speaking, if the quality of the lithium battery is better, the service time will be longer, but the longer the time, the service time of the lithium battery will be greatly reduced after a certain loss and no maintenance. Therefore, we usually use Lithium batteries should also be protected, so that they can prolong the service life of lithium batteries.

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