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Is it safe to charge outdoor portable batteries at home?

Is it safe to charge outdoor portable batteries at home?

Is it safe to charge the outdoor mobile power at home? It seems that we don't know much about the question "Is it safe to charge the outdoor mobile power at home.

Camping, self driving tour and short distance travel have become hot in recent years, and the heat of outdoor mobile power supply is also rising. It can not only be used in small fans, small stereos and other USB interface devices, but also can be used to power laptops, even rice cookers, hot pots, microwave ovens and other high-power electrical equipment.

However, while the outdoor mobile power supply brings convenience to our life, it also has certain potential safety hazards, such as overheating, fire, and even explosion risks if improperly used. Is it safe to use outdoor mobile power and charge at home?

The answer is yes, on the premise that users need to purchase qualified and regular outdoor mobile power supply and pay attention to the use methods and safety precautions.

First of all, in the selection of the cell, it is necessary to select qualified and compliant products, and do not choose products with unknown channels for cheap. Secondly, read the product manual carefully and use the outdoor mobile power supply according to the instructions. For example, Kerpu Kepu 600W outdoor power supply, the instructions indicate the precautions for its use:

1. It is strictly prohibited to make the product contact any liquid, and do not immerse the product in water or wet it. Do not use the machine in rain or wet environment, otherwise it will cause danger such as battery self ignition.

2. The product is recommended to be used at an ambient temperature of 15 ℃ to 50 ℃. If the temperature is too high (higher than 60 ℃), the battery may catch fire or even explode. If the temperature is too low (lower than - 20 ℃), the performance of the product will be seriously reduced, and it may not meet the requirements for normal use, and it can be used normally after the normal temperature is restored.

3. It is forbidden to disassemble or puncture the product with sharp objects in any way, otherwise it will cause product failure and fire.

In addition, pay attention to the wear of the power cord at all times. If the power cord is worn, it should be replaced in time to avoid accidents caused by short circuit. Use the original charger from the manufacturer of outdoor mobile power supply. If no charger is configured, consult the store to purchase the charger with recommended or appropriate parameters. During charging, keep the environment around the power supply clean and tidy, and free of other sundries or flammable substances to prevent fire accidents.


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