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Is 100% lithium iron phosphate charging good or 90%

Is 100% lithium iron phosphate charging good or 90%?

A 100% charge of a LiFePO4 battery is better than a 90% charge, and the battery should be fully charged at least once a week. It is somewhat different from the ternary lithium battery. The ternary lithium battery can be charged to 90% per charge, because this is the best value set by the manufacturer.

As for why the lithium iron phosphate battery is recommended to be fully charged, it has to mention its battery pack. When the lithium iron phosphate battery is charged, especially the fast charge, the bms system that distributes the power of each battery pack will not work in time.

Then the power distributed by each battery pack is different, which will lead to imbalance of each battery, and a fully charged battery pack will misunderstand the entire battery pack, thinking that the battery is full, but in fact it is not.

The slow charging time in the latter part of the battery gives the system enough time to repair the balance of the battery, so for the lithium iron phosphate battery, it is best to fully charge it every time.

But it is worth noting that there is a difference between "full discharge" and "overcharge and over discharge". First of all, the lithium iron phosphate battery is indeed recommended to be "full discharge", but this is based on the shallow charge and shallow discharge of the ternary lithium battery.

In other words, the lithium iron phosphate battery can be recharged when the car indicates that the power is too low. If it is prompted that the battery is too low and still does not charge, but waits until the battery is completely dead before charging, it is over-discharged, which will cause damage to the battery.


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