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The global energy crisis, the price of coal in the United State has risen above the $200 mark, and the price of electricity is soaring, what should we do? How to do?

Aiino home solar energy storage system, to solve your worries

The price of coal in the United States broke through the $200 mark for the first time. Coal is still the main fuel for power plants in the United States. The soaring price will increase the pressure on American households. According to the National Association of State Energy Assistance Directors, about 20 million households across the U.S., or about one in six, are behind on their utility bills. Not only the United States has fallen into an energy crisis, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even the whole world are facing an energy crisis.

Faced with such a high electricity bill, many people shouted that they can't even afford the electricity bill. The news agency reported that European people have begun to pick up firewood for warmth. What, how can we return to the primitive society in the 1920s, it's incredible! But without firewood, electricity is so expensive, what can we do?

Don't worry, AIINO solar home energy storage system is a one-stop solution for your home electricity problem.

Our energy storage system is divided into 3KW, 5KW, 10KW, 20KW, 30KW, 50KW and other parameters to meet the needs of different household electricity. You only need to tell us what electrical appliances you have in your home, and we can help you configure one. Set up your own home energy storage system.

AIINO home energy storage system converts solar energy into electricity and stores it as household electricity, which can meet household electricity needs. One-time purchase, life-long benefits, no longer need to worry about high electricity bills, and no need to worry about the risk of power outages.

This product is mainly combined with inverters, photovoltaic (PV) and related accessories to build residential energy storage systems. The system is used to store electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation into a connected battery, and convert direct current (DC) generated by photovoltaic power generation to connect the battery into alternating current (AC), and supply it to the home grid.

Its working principle diagram is as follows:

The entire system configuration consists of the following:

1. Photovoltaic panels 2. Lithium iron phosphate battery   3. Inverter system   4. Smart Meter   5. Control system  6. Wire

Features and functions of home energy storage system:

1. Independent production and sales of electric energy

2. Use solar energy and lithium battery packs to reduce the dependence on the grid and the difficulty of storing electric energy

Store electricity during the day and use it at night

3. Backup power supply, when the power grid is cut off, it can seamlessly switch to the lithium battery pack for power supply

4. Selling electricity: The electricity generated by the photovoltaic array can be stored in a connected battery pack or sold to an energy supply company

5. Off-grid power supply: Off-grid power supply system can be connected to diesel generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply, providing supply in areas without urban power (such as islands and remote mountainous areas).

Advantages of AIINO home energy storage compared to other energy storage batteries on the market

1. The whole set of batteries is equipped with a lithium battery pack BMS monitoring system: real-time current, voltage, capacity usage, using the app, you can monitor system operation from your mobile device, including the next: get lithium battery pack energy consumption Data and alarm status records, modify the functional parameters of the lithium battery pack.

2. In addition, we are also equipped with a Bluetooth monitoring system: download the mobile APP of this product, and operate the monitoring system through the mobile device, including the following: real-time understanding of current, voltage, and capacity usage, and obtaining energy consumption data and alarm status of lithium battery packs Record and modify the functional parameters of the lithium battery pack. Please contact the company or local distributors for the above-mentioned applications and APPs (Note: Due to different shipment model requirements, the lithium battery pack you buy may not have all the above functions. )

3. We are equipped with safe lithium iron phosphate battery

The reason why our configuration system uses lithium iron phosphate batteries instead of lead-acid batteries is because lithium iron phosphate batteries have good safety performance, long cycle life, wide range of raw materials, high energy density, environmental protection and pollution-free, high working voltage, and energy density. The advantages of large, small self-discharge rate, and no memory effect.

4. The installation is simple and the configuration is complete. At present, most of the products on the market are only equipped with batteries, or only have inverters, or photovoltaic panels only sell photovoltaic panels. We provide a complete system to save you the trouble of purchasing and save your precious time. At the same time, we have professional installation videos and work instructions to help you solve your installation problems in one stop.

5. Ali has 15 years of strength in factory direct sales, and there is no middleman to make the difference. (factory pictures or videos)

6. Good quality and low price, reliable quality, genuine products.

7. Door-to-door logistics service, after placing an order, it can be delivered directly to your home. From the order to your home, it only takes about 20-30 days. Convenient

8. Provide you with business opportunities

If you have spare storage space and will install it, or you want to find a good business opportunity, you can also become our local agent. In the global economic downturn, let you have a stable income and career. Not only solve the problems of your own family, but also help more people around you solve the electricity problem.

9. Professional sales and technical service team, at your service 24 hours a day.

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