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Who is the supplier of Tesla battery

Who is the supplier of Tesla battery

Tesla's battery supplier is Panasonic. Panasonic has always been the battery supplier of Tesla Electric Vehicles. The Gigafactory 1 super factory in Nevada, USA, was officially invested by Tesla and Panasonic, and basically contracted the batteries of all Model 3 models.

Tesla's 18650 lithium battery is also widely used in daily life. For example, mobile phones and laptops also use this lithium cobalt oxide battery. The biggest problem in the application of electric vehicles is the heat dissipation of vehicle batteries. Taking Model S p85D as an example, its battery panel consists of 16 groups of batteries in series, each group consists of 444 lithium batteries, 74 of which are in parallel. In other words, the battery panel of Tesla Model S consists of 7104 18650 lithium batteries.

Therefore, in order to avoid short circuit and overheating, Tesla also uses many technologies to protect the battery pack. For example, the battery pack is placed at the chassis position between the front and rear axles, and is protected by stiffeners and stress frames to reduce the risk of explosion during collision. The battery pack is wrapped in plastic film.

After tearing, you can see a layer of fireproof board. The joint is filled with a lot of sealant, which shows that the battery pack is well protected. In addition, each battery in Tesla battery pack will have a fuse to prevent single battery from overheating; The cooperation of coolant and battery management system makes the battery run more safely and stably.


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