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Commercial Lithum battery storage systems

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commercial battery storage systems

Capacity: 500 kWh.

Peak Power: Up to 100 kW for maximum instant electrical output.

Battery: Lithium-ion.

Cycle Life: Approximately 10,000 cycles of full charge and discharge.

Efficiency: Charging efficiency at 95%, discharging at 97%.

Charge/Discharge Rate: Max rates of 50 kW charging, 100 kW discharging.

Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C.

Size/Weight: Dimensions 2m x 1m x 2.5m, weight around 1500 kg.

Communication: Supports Modbus and CAN protocols.

Safety: Compliant with international standards (CE, UL, etc.).

Grid Compatibility: Designed to meet power grid requirements.

Response Time: Millisecond-range system response time.

Programmability: Flexible interface for user customization.

Expandability: Modular design for capacity and power expansion.

Warranty: 5-year warranty period.


The AIINO 500 kWh commercial battery storage system is an efficient energy storage solution designed for commercial and industrial applications. With a storage capacity of 500 kWh and a peak power of up to 100 kW, it supports approximately 10,000 complete charge and discharge cycles. Utilizing lithium-ion battery technology, the system achieves charging and discharging efficiencies of 95% and 97%, respectively. The system features flexible dimensions (2m x 1m x 2.5m) and a weight of around 1500 kg, making it adaptable to various environments. It supports Modbus and CAN communication protocols, complies with international safety standards, and has grid compatibility. The system responds rapidly, can be programmed and customized based on user needs, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Battery Workflow and safety control

  1. 1.The 500 kWh commercial battery storage system undergoes rigorous quality control, where every component, including lithium-ion batteries, inverters, and communication interfaces, is subjected to thorough testing for optimal performance.

  2. 2.During the quality control process, capacity, peak power, and cycle life of the system are meticulously validated to meet specifications, ensuring its reliability and adherence to standards.

  3. The efficiency of the system, both during charging and discharging, is closely monitored and maintained at 95% and 97%, respectively, ensuring optimal energy utilization.

  4. 3.Physical attributes such as size and weight are carefully checked to ensure consistency with design standards, contributing to the overall reliability and functionality of the commercial energy storage solution.

  5. 4.Communication protocols, safety features, and grid compatibility undergo assessment to meet international standards, ensuring the system's seamless integration and safe operation within diverse environments.

  6. 5.System responsiveness and programmability are thoroughly scrutinized, providing users with a high-quality and dependable commercial energy storage solution backed by a 5-year warranty.

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AIINO 500KWH commercial battery storage system advantages

The AIINO 500 kWh commercial battery storage system excels with robust quality control, ensuring optimal performance. Validated to specifications, it maintains high efficiency (95-97%) during charging and discharging. Careful checks on size and weight guarantee design consistency. Adherence to international standards for communication protocols, safety, and grid compatibility ensures seamless integration. The system's superior responsiveness and programmability make it a dependable and high-quality commercial energy storage solution, supported by a 5-year warranty.

Scope of application

The 500 kWh commercial battery storage system is versatile and finds applications across diverse sectors.

It efficiently manages energy peaks, reducing costs for businesses.

Offering emergency backup power during outages ensures continuity in critical operations.

Enhanced power quality management supports stable functioning of crucial equipment. Integration with renewable energy sources promotes sustainability.

Electricity cost optimization and market participation benefit from its flexibility. Equipped with smart energy management, it monitors usage in real-time.

Contributing to environmental sustainability, it reduces carbon footprints. The system significantly improves energy reliability, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability across various commercial applications.

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