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Solar panel installation method and installation angle

Solar panel installation method and installation angle

How should solar panels be installed to maximize their use value? The installation method of the solar panel is as follows:

1. First, distinguish the positive and negative electrodes. When making a series electrical connection, the "+" pole plug of the previous component is connected to the "-" pole plug of the next component, and the output circuit should be correctly connected to the equipment. If the polarity is wrong, it may not be able to charge, and even in serious cases, the diode will be burned and its service life will be affected.

2. Choose to use insulated copper wire, both in terms of conductivity and resistance to galvanic corrosion, it is very good, and the safety factor is also higher. When conducting the insulation winding of the joint part, first consider the insulation strength and weather resistance, and leave a margin for the temperature parameters of the wire according to the installation ambient temperature at that time.

3. Choose the appropriate installation direction and fully consider whether the light is sufficient.

4. In order to effectively ensure the working efficiency of solar panels for a long time, regular maintenance should be carried out after installation.

Solar panel installation angle

The installation inclination angle of solar panels is generally about 40 degrees, and it is generally best to be due south. Choosing the ideal tilt angle can maximize the power generation of the solar panel. Generally, the power generation in winter and summer will be different because the amount of solar radiation is different.

The azimuth angle of the solar panel is generally in the south direction, which can maximize its utilization rate and the maximum power generation.


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