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What is a blade battery

What is a blade battery? What are the advantages

The most important thing in the current car manufacturing industry is two words, one is intelligence and the other is battery. Many car companies are now vying for the road to self-research batteries recently, thereby reducing costs. Of course, self-research is not overnight. It can be explained clearly, so it is still necessary to purchase other batteries.

Today, let’s talk about blade batteries. Anyone who cares about the automotive market should have heard of blade batteries.

The blade battery is based on lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which is to insert pieces of batteries that look similar to mobile phone batteries into the same battery frame, and then do insulation protection. The blade battery pack does it. The advantage of this thing is that more batteries can be packed in the same space, that is, the capacity is larger.

What are the advantages of blade batteries?

1. Performance

Traditional power batteries produce cells in the form of windings, while blade batteries use a lamination process. Compared with the winding structure, the laminated structure has a more uniform current density, excellent internal heat dissipation performance, and is more suitable for high-power discharge. Therefore, the blade battery has better cycle characteristics, safety characteristics and energy density.

2. "Blade battery" is basically a lithium iron phosphate battery. The only disadvantage of a lithium iron phosphate battery is that the volume energy density is too small to be marginalized by the market. Now it is optimized at the physical level to solve this shortcoming. , "Blade battery" has a battery life of 600 kilometers, and at the same time has the inherent advantages of high safety and long life.

3. With the support of large-size lamination process and all-round high-temperature "ceramic battery" technology, the charging cycle life of the blade battery exceeds 4,500 times, that is, the battery decays less than 20% after 4,500 times of charging, and the life is 3 times that of the ternary lithium battery above.


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