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2500w power station/home power supply

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    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
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    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
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Power station KK-PRO-2500W

Battery capacity: 2016wh (≈2 kWh)


AC output

220V pure sine wave (no damage to electrical appliances)

Rated 2400 watts (peak 4600 watts)/liter drive 3000 watts

AC output: 4/total 2400w


DC output

USB: 12W/2

Fast charging USB: 18W/2

USB Type-C: 100W

Quick charge: 2

DC5521: 38W/2pcs

Car charger output: 126W/1


Charging parameters

Mains charging: 220-240V~50Hz/60Hz, 10A

Driving charging: 12V/24V DC, 8A (max)

Solar panel charging: 10A, 800W(max)


temperature parameter

Discharge temperature: -20°C to 45°C

Charging temperature: 0°C to 45°C

Storage temperature: -20°C to 45°C (20°C to 30°C best)


Product weight: 24.5KG

Product size: 450*355*288mm

Host Warranty: 2 years

Product Features

1. Support solar charging

2. Cost-effective

3. Stable performance

4. The depth of discharge can reach 99.8%

5. Output efficiency is above 90%

6. Anti-burning, anti-explosion, anti- corrosion, anti-extrusion

7. Large LCD screen displays power rate, input power

Battery Workflow and safety control

We use A grade battery 

Products with Over Current Protection

Short Current Protection

Over-discharge Protection Overcharge Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Thermal Protection 

Products have CE,FCC,UN38.3,UL Certificate

Portable power station

A backup battery power station is a compact, portable power generator that can supply your home with electricity during a power outage or emergency situation, to charge your electronic devices and operate your home appliances in disasters and accidents

Application scenarios

1. Outdoor camping

2. Outdoor construction

3. Outdoor survey

4. Emergency and Outdoor Electricity detection

Why choose us?

We have 15 years of energy storage battery  development, manufacturing and engineering construction experience, to provide customers with quality products and services. We can do OEM,ODM order. Fast shipping .5 years warranty time


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