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Model 3 How to charge lithium iron phosphate

Model 3 How to charge lithium iron phosphate

The optimal charging range of Model 3 lithium iron phosphate battery is 60% - 65%. If we can keep Model 3 charging within the above range in daily life, the service life of the battery can be extended to a certain extent. Generally, the battery life can reach 2400-4000 cycles of charging and discharging.

Generally, as long as we do not charge and discharge excessively during daily use, the service life of vehicle batteries will not be too low. The so-called overcharge and discharge means that the battery is not overcharged, and it is also important to pay attention during use. Do not charge the battery until the battery power is very low. It is better to charge the battery when the battery power is about 20% left.

How does Tesla Model 3 charge?

1. Open the charging interface

The charging interface of Model 3 is located on the left side of the rear, behind the cover plate of the rear tail lamp assembly. Pay attention to park the model 3 and ensure that the charging cable can reach the charging interface.

Press the button on the charging cable to open the charging interface cover when the model 3 is parked and unlocked.

2. Plug in the plug

If the mobile connector is used for charging, the power supply should be connected first, then the Model 3, and finally the connector should be connected to the charging interface. After the connector is correctly inserted, Model 3 will start charging when the condition is satisfied.

3. Start charging

Once the cover plate of the charging interface is opened, the charging status of the vehicle will be displayed on the top of the central control display.

During the charging process, the indicator light of the charging interface will flash green, and the touch screen will also display the real-time charging status. When the battery is fully charged, the flashing frequency of the indicator light will slow down, and the indicator light will not flash green after the charging is completed.

4. Stop charging

Directly disconnect the charging cable (i.e. unplug the charging gun), or press "Stop Charging" on the touch screen to stop charging.


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