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Lithum battery 10KW Solar Energy System

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10KW Solar Energy System

Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon

Controller Type: MPPT

Load Power (W): 10KW

Output Frequency: 50~60HZ

Core material: Lithium iron phosphate

Series parallel mode (S series, P parallel): 15S2P

Communication interface: RS485/RS232/CAN

Nominal voltage: 48V

Nominal capacity: 150Ah

Size(mm): 680*545*155

Weight: 81kg

Application: Home

Battery Type: Lithium Ion, Lifepo4 Battery / Lithium Battery

Mounting Type: Ground Mounting

Output Voltage (V): 48/110/220/380V

Work Time (h): 24 Hours

Pre-sales project design: Y

Inverter: Off Grid / Hybrid Grid Inverter

Montiring: Wifi/LCD/Computer

Shipping: By express, By air, By sea

Cheap 10KW solar energy system advantages

1. The system has good durability, resists salt spray and corrosion, and can withstand wind pressure of 2400Pa and snow pressure of 5400Pa;
2. The annual attenuation is less than 7%, and the power generation performance can still maintain more than 80% in 25 years;
3. It can be intelligently connected to the Internet through WIFI to monitor the power generation of the system in real time (optional)
4. The control part of the system adopts PWM control mode, and the inverter part adopts the terminal power frequency pure sine wave inverter, which has stable performance and safe power supply, and can meet the requirements of high-power load and complex load types. 10KW solar energy system have been widely used in off-grid photovoltaic projects, electric power, fire protection, telecommunications, airports, highways, radio and television, military, finance, hospitals, working condition enterprises, tunnels, construction, petrochemical and other industries.
5. The system uses solar power to give priority to power supply. In continuous rainy days, solar power cannot generate power. When the battery is under voltage, the system automatically switches to the mains power supply. When the solar charging is normal and the battery charging meets the voltage requirements, it automatically switches back to the solar power supply. The switching time is less than 4ms, does not affect the power supply of the load (for example, the computer will not feel the power failure and will not shut down).


Battery Workflow and safety control


We use A grade battery 

Products with Over Current Protection,

Short Current Protection

Over-discharge Protection Overcharge Protection,

Over Voltage Protection

Thermal Protection 

Products have CE,FCC,UN38.3,UL Certificate.

Solar Energy System
10KW Solar Energy System

10kw Solar Energy Storage System Supplier

10KW solar energy system is an off-grid home solar energy storage system,and all-in‒one,multi-functional,smart solar energy storage system.

This system can store the electricity power produced by the PV module during the day and provide power for the household appliance at night.

With safe and eco-friendly features , this product provides 3-year warranty and 10-year system lifespan.

Futhurmore,this 10KW solar energy system,which is widely applied in villas, apartments,telecom system and other places,is an elegant ad fashionable home energy storage system.

Scope of application


Used to Hospital, bank data center,
wall-mounted home, enterprise energy storage backup power supply,
wind complementary system, office, military,
base station and other uninterrupted energy storage power supply. 
10KW Solar Energy System

Why choose us?

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