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Off-Grid On-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter Power 5Kw

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Rated power: 5KW

Battery voltage: 24/48V/96V

AC Input voltage range(VAC): 85-138VAC(110V)

Input frequency(Hz): 45-65HZ

Battery voltage range: 10.5-15VDC

Output voltage range(VAC): Inverter mode 110V/220V/230V/240V±2% 

Output frequency(Hz): 50/60±1%

Utility output frequency range: 50Hz  60Hz automatic tracking

Output waveform: Pure sine wave

Efficiency: 85%

THD: ≤3%

Transfer time(ms): ≤4ms

Charging type : U0-U7

charging current: C0=0A,C1=5A,C2=10A,C3=15,C4=20A,C5=25A,C6=30A

Battery Lack-voltage alarm/protection: 96V(84V/80V)

Battery over-voltage alarm/ protection: 96V(120V/133.6V)

Safety control


Overload protection: rated power≥110%, 60S power off; ≥130%, 10S power off; ≥150%, 0.6S power off

Temperature protection: ≥85℃ alarm, ≥90℃ shutdown the machine

Safety control
Solar inverters

Solar inverters

Inverter is a kind of convenient power converter that can convert DC 12V or 24V direct current into AC 220V alternating current which is the same as mains power for general electrical appliances.

Working mode


Solar inverter is preferred, Utility is not charging, charging: battery voltage ≥13V switch to inverter mode; Inverter: battery voltage ≤10.5V, switch to utility mode
Working mode

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