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motorcycle battery

How long can a motorcycle battery last?

The issue of motorcycle battery life is a very important one. Some batteries last up to ten years with proper care, while others last no more than two years.

You can extend the shelf life yourself with simple methods

Once you find the right battery, there are many great ways to significantly extend the life of your motorcycle battery. The battery should be recharged even after a three-month hiatus. ADAC recommends setting the room temperature to about 20 degrees Celsius to bring it back to 100%. Regular maintenance of the battery is beneficial. On the other hand, you should avoid booting in idle mode. Not only will this damage the bike, but it will not make the battery more durable. Learn more about Shido motorcycle batteries here.

How to charge the motorcycle battery

To charge the battery optimally, when reinstalling, always disconnect the negative terminal first and clamp last. The poles should be secured with grease-free and most importantly clean clamps. The ignition switch should always be turned off to avoid damage to the engine control unit.

Motorcycle battery



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