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Motorcycle Battery - Maintenance Skills

Function of motorcycle battery

Because motorcycle batteries are also known as "starter batteries", many people think that they just need to start, but today it is usually no longer the case. It must also compensate for peak loads and be prepared for various electrical functions while driving, even when the motorcycle is stationary and the engine is off and the alternator does not generate charging current.

All of this is certainly important for the overall driving performance of the motorcycle - nothing is more annoying than when you want to ride the bike happily and the battery runs out. Good reason to take care of the regular maintenance of the battery.

Maintenance of motorcycle battery

Nursing first means: cleaning. Many motorcyclists clean their bikes, but pay little attention to the batteries - again, regular cleaning with a cloth and brush can prevent premature battery death. In addition, the contacts must be cleaned regularly and the liquid level checked, and the battery must be equipped with battery acid or battery acid. Distilled water.

For all batteries, the most critical time is when they are not used. This is especially true for motorcycle breaks in winter, because after all, this is the time most cyclists leave their bikes in the shed. Whether it is winter vacation or riding a motorcycle for rest: if the motorcycle stands for a long time, the battery should be removed. Then it should be stored in a dry and cool place at about 10 ° C. You should recharge them regularly.

However, at the same time, there are also smart chargers that can permanently leave the battery in the charger. When the battery is fully charged, it turns off automatically and turns on again when charging is required. This ensures a constant state of charge, which has a positive impact on the service life of the battery.

Tips for electric motorcycle maintenance

Of course: electric motorcycles (or electric mopeds or electric bicycles) also have batteries - which need to be repaired. The charging capacity and range of the battery are closely related to the temperature. Therefore, it is important not to expose the E-bike to too low a temperature. If you can't store your E-bike in a heated room, you should take out the battery in the cold season and store it in your apartment. Batteries, like motorcycle batteries, must not be stored empty. On the contrary, you should also ensure that the electric motorcycle battery can be continuously charged even when not in use. The state of charge shall not be lower than 40%.

Cleanliness is also important for the service life of the battery. The fact that dirt will get on the electric bicycle and battery during your bicycle travel is not impossible. However, please immediately and thoroughly clean all parts of the electric bicycle to extend the service life of the bicycle and the battery as much as possible.

Further maintenance work that occurs is usually carried out by the dealer. You should visit here regularly with your E-bike to check the function of your bike. This is important for your insurance and may also be important for the validity of your warranty.

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