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What is the battery used by Tesla?

What is the battery used by Tesla?

Tesla's models all use ternary lithium batteries, whose positive electrodes are made of ternary materials.

Ternary materials refer to three materials of nickel, cobalt and manganese. Some ternary lithium batteries also use nickel, cobalt, and aluminum as positive electrodes.

The ternary lithium battery is a relatively popular battery at present, and most pure electric vehicles are using the ternary lithium battery.

Lithium batteries are lighter and have higher energy density, making them ideal for pure electric vehicles.

Some pure electric vehicles also use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safer than ternary lithium batteries.

However, the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries is lower than that of ternary lithium batteries, and the weight is also larger.

Tesla uses Sony's 18650 battery, which is about the same size as a AA battery. Tesla has about 8,000 batteries.

Tesla's pure electric vehicles have strong performance and long mileage, and many car enthusiasts like Tesla vehicles very much.

Tesla's battery pack is on the chassis, and most pure electric vehicles will install a huge battery pack on the chassis, which can lower the center of gravity of the vehicle.

The handling of high-performance pure electric vehicles is very good, and the power output of the electric motor is different from that of the internal combustion engine.

The power output mode of the motor is more suitable for stop-and-go city roads.


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