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What kind of battery should you use in an RV?

What kind of battery should you use in an RV?

How to use electricity in the RV?

Choose a lithium iron phosphate battery pack or use a traditional lead-acid battery?

At present, the power consumption of RV can be divided into external power supply, generator, solar panel, battery power supply and so on.

Today, let’s talk about whether it is better to use lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries for RVs? Should the RV use lead-acid batteries or lithium iron phosphate battery packs? In addition to looking at its interior layout when buying a RV, the water and electricity system can be said to be the most important facility on the RV.

Now some RV manufacturers use lead-acid batteries or colloidal batteries as the living batteries of RVs.

Among them, the most used deep-cycle lead-acid batteries can keep the power very low without affecting the battery life. As far as batteries are concerned, there is a shortcoming of power storage, and the volume and weight of lead-acid batteries are very large, and the weight is generally 16-30kg. Due to the 150-year development history of lead-acid batteries and colloidal batteries, their safety has been widely recognized. However, due to the short development time of lithium iron phosphate batteries, there are still many uncertainties, especially in the application of RVs. .

Rv Battery

Is it safe to use lithium iron phosphate battery packs in RVs?

Characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery pack: 1. High efficiency output: standard discharge is 2~5C, continuous high current discharge can reach 10C, and instantaneous pulse discharge (10S) can reach 20C; 2. Good performance at high temperature: when the external temperature is 65°C, the internal temperature is as high as 95°C, and the temperature can reach 160°C at the end of battery discharge. The structure of the battery is safe and intact; 3. Even if the inside or outside of the battery is damaged, the lithium battery pack will not burn or explode, and the safety is the best; 4. Excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, its discharge capacity is still greater than 95%; 5. There is no damage when over-discharged to zero volts; 6. Can be charged quickly; 7. Low cost. Compared with other lead-acid batteries, the safety of lithium iron phosphate battery pack is the best. At the same time, the battery also has the characteristics of long service life, supporting high-current charging and discharging, and light weight. It is a battery that is more suitable for use in RVs. Large-capacity iron-lithium battery pack + solar energy + generator is already the best way to use electricity for RVs that can be thought of now.

If you save a little bit, you will basically not encounter the embarrassment of no electricity available. At present, one of the biggest constraints on RVs is its energy consumption. The power consumption of air conditioners, refrigerators, induction cookers and other electrical appliances in RVs is a headache for car owners, because it is difficult to find a fixed charging place when they are not at home. , which makes the RV battery a very important solution. Naturally, the capacity, price, and safety of the RV battery have become the focus of many riders, and now the mainstream of the RV battery is the lithium iron phosphate battery pack, which has a good discharge capacity, long life, low working voltage, and good safety, replacing the previous lead-acid batteries.


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