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How to get the best life out of your car battery?

How to get the best life out of your car battery?/Electric Motorcycle Battery/Electric Vehicles Battery/Electric Car Battery/Electric Bicycle Battery/Electric Tricycle Battery/Electric Forklift Battery/Golf Cart Battery

If you want to make the car battery life reach the best, in addition to giving the car battery parallel battery life extender to prevent sulfide in addition to sulfide, but also pay attention to not to discharge, not to lose power to prevent the car battery positive electrode plate softening. If you often stop to listen to music or often drive at low speed for short distances, you should charge the car battery for about half a month, so that it will have the longest service life and keep this important part of the car battery in the best working condition.

Battery maintenance

The battery is most afraid of low temperature, in the low temperature environment, the battery capacity is much lower than the capacity at room temperature. So we have to check and maintain it in time, and in daily life we should pay attention to.

1. Avoid long time to park the car in the open parking lot, such as long-term parking, shall remove the battery to take away, to prevent the battery icing damage.

2. The car engine in winter is not easy to start, each time the car should not be started for more than 5 seconds, and again start interval time of not less than 15 seconds. In the case that the car does not fire after several starts, the cause should be found in the circuit, ignition coil or other aspects such as the oil circuit. Avoid uninterrupted starting many times, which will lead to battery burnout due to excessive discharge.

3. The car battery should be charged frequently, the battery will slowly discharge itself if not used for a long time until it is scrapped, therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery.

4. Every once in a while to clean the battery terminals, and coated with special grease to protect the wiring harness. Check the accessories and connection lines on the battery frequently.

5. It is forbidden to use car electrical appliances after the car is turned off. Using the battery alone when the engine is not generating electricity will cause damage to it.


Charging method

There are two ways to charge the battery: one is fast charging and the other is slow charging.
Fast charging (constant current charging)

Many car owners think that fast charging can save time and only takes 3-5 hours; in fact, it is not, fast charging only activates the battery surface quickly, while the battery is actually not fully charged inside.

Slow charging (constant voltage charging)
There is another way to charge the battery, for slow charging, the charging time is 10-15 hours, those deep loss batteries will have to be slow charged, otherwise the charging time is not enough, the charge is not enough, so it will directly affect the driving performance of the car.

Maintenance Method

1. Use a wet cloth to scrub the outside of the battery, the panel, the pile head (positive and negative two pole head) of dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause leakage dirt wipe clean. This often scrub the battery, the battery pile head will not accumulate white acid corrosion powder, its service life will be longer.

2.Open the battery water cover and see if the water level is in a normal position. Generally, there will be upper and lower limit lines on the side of the battery for your reference. If you find that the water level is lower than the lower mark, you must add distilled water, if you can't get distilled water at once, filtered tap water is available for emergency. Water can not add too much, the standard is to add to the middle of the upper and lower mark.

3. Check whether the battery is charged properly. Available visual inspection method: after the engine starts, open the battery water cover, see if there are bubbles inside each small cell. The normal condition is constantly bubbling out of the water, and the more oil will bubble more; if you find no bubbles, it is likely that the charging system has a problem. Special attention is to do this test will be generated by hydrogen, so do not smoke during the test, in order to avoid the risk of explosion and fire.


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