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  • Storage Battery Cabinet
    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
    storage,Commercial energy storage,UPS System, etc.
    Energy Storage Battery for family, Shop
  • Fast charging battery
    Electronic car battery
  • Outdoor power station
    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
    storage,Commercial energy storage,UPS System,outdoor battery etc.

Company profile

Enjoy performance and comfort with Ainovo backup battery and Lifepo4 battery. Choose from a wide range of  energy storage battery that  make your life full of power at anytime .

Hot Products

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage Battery

HG-HW-48150/48v.150ah wall mounted energy storage battery

Shenzhen battery Lithium Battery 48v 150ah home battery storage Solar Lithium Battery Power Wall<

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage Battery

48V.100AH wall mounted energy storage battery/HG-HW-48100/Aiino

Hot selling 48V.100ah 4800W lithium phosphate,lifepo4 battery 48v.100ah,100ah lifepo4 battery

Energy Storage Battery

48v.150ah lithium battery/HG-HR-48150

48V.150ah Battery Deep Cycle Lithium iron phosphate 48V 150ah Lifepo4 power supply energy storage

48v.150ah lithium battery/HG-HR-48150

Basic parameters:
Batteries materials:Lithium iron phosphate
Series parallel mode (S series, P parallel):15S2P
Nominal voltage:48V
Nominal capacity:150Ah

Products application

Our lithium iron phosphat batteries are NO.1 TOP Online reliable energy sources on the market , they're perfect for powering a wide variety of applications such as golf carts ,sailboats ,forklit lift, camping car , commercial equipment ect...

Grade A quality and brand new,fast delivery

24v.36v.48v.72v lifepo4 glof cart battery

5 Years Warranty ,factory price

48v.100ah.200ah ,5kw,10kw,20kw lifepo4 battery .home energy system battery

Deep cycle.10+years design life.

12v.24v.36v.48v.72v camper batteries

Why choose us ?

15+years specialized in designing and manufacturing lithium lon battery cells and Packs .With our own developed BMS as a key-turn power solution. Professional support for all our Pre and After sales service .

AINOVO Industry Limited
15 years'experience in
Energy Storage

Ainovo industry Limited was established in 2007, which is a professional manufacturer and exporter of providing energy storage solutions for home,the telecom,commercial, and industrial segments.

Ainovo is a Chinese company dedicated to providing the best-performing, safe, and sustainable energy storage solutions built on lithium-ion technology.


We are the industry's leading manufacturer of Energy Storage battery