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72v.100ah lifpo4 battery pack/lithium phosphate battry/HG-PB-72100/AIINO

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    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
    storage,Commercial energy storage,UPS System, etc.
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    Ainovo Provide Energy Storge Battery, Household energy
    storage,Commercial energy storage,UPS System,outdoor battery etc.
Sample Price 1-20pcs
USD 1290  / 

Power battery HG-PB-72100

Batteries materials:Lithium iron phosphate

Series parallel mode (S series, P parallel):23S1P

Nominal voltage:73.6V

Nominal capacity:100Ah



Output port mode:Anderson

Charging way:CC/CV

Charging current:0.2C(standard)

Maximum charging current:Max1C @25°

Charge cut-off voltage:83.95V

Discharge way:CC

Discharge current:0.5C

Maximum discharge current:Max1C @25°

Discharge cut-off voltage:64.4V

According to:LCD

Charging operating temperature:charging0~+50℃

Discharge operating temperature:discharge-20~+55℃

Warranty time : 5 years 

Cycle life:>5000times 


Battery Workflow and safety control

We use A grade battery 

Products with Over Current Protection,

Short Current Protection

Over-discharge Protection Overcharge Protection,

Over Voltage Protection

Thermal Protection 

Products have CE,FCC,UN38.3,UL Certificate.

Used to Hospital, bank data center,
wall-mounted home, enterprise energy storage backup power supply,
wind complementary system, office, military,


Base station and other uninterrupted energy storage power supply. 
Power battery
Power battery HG-PB-72100
Solar energy storage system is an off-grid home solar energy storage system,and all-in‒one,multi-functional,smart solar energy storage system.

This system can store the electricity power produced by the PV module during the day and provide power for the household appliance at night.

With safe and eco-friendly features , this product provides 3-year warranty and 10-year system lifespan.

Futhurmore,this product,which is widely applied in villas, apartments,telecom system and other places,is an elegant ad fashionable home energy storage system.

Why choose us?

We have 15 years of energy storage battery  development, manufacturing and engineering construction experience, to provide customers with quality products and services. We can do OEM,ODM order. Fast shipping .5 years warranty time .


We are the industry's leading manufacturer of Energy Storage battery